Friday, October 19, 2012

First noticeable movement

Last Sunday, October 13, 2012, the exactly 18 weeks baby inside my belly gave me his/her first ever noticeable movement !!

Not sure if it's a kick, punch, head-shot or else, but it was very noticeable. To make it easier, let's just call it a kick.

As i was sitting on a lazy chair with eyes closed, suddenly my baby gave me that kick.. 
I automatically put my palm on my belly and there again for the second time...the baby moved !
then I excitedly poke my hubby; who was enjoying himself playing Plants vs Zombies (yeaaah, so olllddd..hahahaha); and said the baby is moving..
Hubby immediately put his palm on my belly as well, right on the spot where i felt the movement seconds ago.
I guess he didn't expect to feel anything, since he was like 'Really?'.. maybe he thought it's just 18 weeks, people said we can feel the baby movement only on the 20th week and forward.
But then *bump!* on the exact same spot, another kick..and he felt it too!!
I cannot describe his expression afterwards....It's PRICELESS... He's smiling widely and anxiously moving his palm around my belly, in case the baby kick somewhere else, then he announced it to the family BBM group.. *yaah, he's THAT excited*

I was also so very happy..though at first i wasn't sure if it's really the baby or maybe just contraction or something else. But then i feel it again and again every day.. different spot, different movement, sometimes it's like the baby is doing somersault, sometimes it's just like a punch, sometimes it's like the baby is tickling you from the inside and there was a time when my belly looks very flat on the belly button area and very tight on area below that.

Speaking about belly button, my belly button begins to protrude now.. 
I remember the day when i touched my belly button and shocked because it's so 'wide' and i can really see the 'bottom'. It even changed color now i guess.. Is it normal?
Or is it because i applied too much baby oil on my belly?

FYI, I applied baby oil on my belly after bath every day. I didn't use special lotion for pregnant ladies (the one to prevent stretch marks), because i think it's too expensive and i simply don't know which one to choose and a friend of mine said she only used baby oil and her belly is perfectly fine with no stretch marks.
I know it depends on skin type and maybe on the genes..but that makes me don't want to spend Rp Rp Rp on the so expensive lotion that may not work for me even more..
So far i have not seen any disturbing lines on my belly though, so i guess baby oil will do for now. But not sure if i really need to use the special lotion once my baby bump grows bigger.
Any inputs ??  

That's the update so far on my baby..
Cannot wait until next doctor visit..
Hope we can find out about the gender by then.



  1. wow! bacanya ikut excited lho na. kebayang gimana excited nya elo dan pewe waktu pertama ngerasain. kalo ga salah dulu olin pernah baca somewhere ada yang pake body butter tbs buat mencegah stretch mark, mempan engga nya kaga tau yah eike :D

  2. Ih seneng banget tuh first movements, kaya butterflies flutter :)
    Gue paling males deh oles2in segala macem lotion/cream. Perut gue nggak ada stretch mark sih, tapi Di pantat banyak soalnya baby fat gue pada numpuk Di sono semua hehe...

  3. huiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ... gw ikutan seneng!!! :)
    gw ga bisa kasih saran apa2 neh soal hamil2an secara blom ngerasin juga hehe .. jadi gw bagian hore2 aja ya, na ;)

  4. waaa semakin excited ya kalo udah bisa berasa movementnya... :)

  5. Na, belom tau gendernya Na? Biasa 16 weeks udah ketauan lohhh... Gue sih buat perut cuma pake Palmers Cocoa Butter yang non fragrance. Tapi males-malesan pakenya hahahaha...

    Emang, biasa suami itu baru ngeh ada baby itu saat dia sendiri ngerasain movementnya. Sebelumnya bayangan soal ada mahluk laen itu buat mereka masih absurd.


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