Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are 1

Dear husband,

Yesterday, September18, 2012
was our first wedding anniversary
yes, ~~ time flies ~~
the past one year has been great
with the ups and downs
laughter and tears
I believe, they are all for our own good
sign that we are indeed getting stronger

 true what people say
marriage life is different from dating phase
no matter how many years we've spent as boyfriend and girlfriend
feels like we are back in getting to know each other again after we tied the knot
not that we are completely different person to each other
just that now it involves the whole family
we are the one in the middle trying to balance everything out
and other real world problem seems to appear more clearly now
that we have to deal with it.. by ourselves as much as we could
double the support and responsibility, triple the acceptance and understanding
and I know it is not as easy as flipping our hands,
cannot be done overnight

Thus, I thank you for your ENORMOUS understanding and patience
I also thank you for your scolding, which i actually need sometimes
Thank you for diamond kiss every morning and night
(and now i'd like to call it a kite kiss.. (^_~) )
Thank you for your support in all decision I've made
Thank you for protecting me from those never-extinct-cockroaches (-_-)
Thank you for being such a great husband for this 1 year
and I believe you will forever be a great husband
(I want to write the sorry parts, but I know you won't like it, so I restraint.)

We're 1 now, but 1 year is just a little baby
Let us keep learning to grow together
So that in the process we can finally walk even run steadily
Hand in hand
as a strong team

I love you
you know how much
and I know you love me even more
I thank you again for that

Cheers for more years to come ~ ~ !!


  1. cieeeee .. uhuy!! selamatttt setaonan aina!!!! enjoy your marriage life!! :) cups

  2. Horeeeee..... Udah setaunnnn!!! Cheers for more years, for more family members, for more joy and laughter!

  3. ih ga berasa udah setahun aja yah :), happy anniversary

  4. hepii 1st anniv aina, langgeng trussss ^^ next anniv family memberny ud nambahhh ^__^

  5. selamat hari jadi suami istri ya ainaa..

  6. Terima kasih semuanyaa... *big hugs*

  7. Happy anniversary! Many great years to come, stay in love, stay happy :)

  8. happy anniversary yaa....wahhh tanggalnya hampir sama...hehehehe


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