Saturday, November 19, 2011

second month..


*fuuuh ffuuuuh tiup debu dulu*

Hanya sebentar mampir kesini.. mau bilang..

Dear hubby yang pelan2 membabi *istri yg minta digampar* =p,

Happy 2nd mensiversary !!!

Sorry for kinda ruining the day by being sick.. i was planning to cook something nice for you but ended up calling Bakmi GM delivery (T__T) coz i suddenly remember their delivery number from their radio advertisement..*5655-007*

Thank you for being such a great and nice husband for the past 2 months.
and hopefully we still have many many many months to come...

I love you
and you know how much...

Your wife yg pelan2 juga membabi *get rid of that yoolllkkkk* (-___-)

1 comment:

  1. congrats na :D ah speaking of "membabi", langsung ingin menengok ke suami *istri yang minta digampar juga :D


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