Friday, November 25, 2011

The honeymoon story

Yaak.. baru inget klo lom posting cerita hanimun. *push up 10x*

dan..sepertinya sudah agak lupa ya urutannya ngapain aja (-_-).
tapi ga penting juga kali ye cerita sampe panjang lebar..
so, let me bribe you all with pictures and some notes.

(WARNING : picture-heavy post)

1. Our villa name and number

2. Le private pool

3. The bed + ceiling

4. The jacuzzzzzzzi tub

5. My temporary vanity lair

6. My attempt to take artsy picture *fail or success?* (-_-;)

7. The cake *im forgotten, im INVISIBRUUU*

8. The Dreamland Beach

9. Us..with flickering clothes (@_@)

10. At some batik-selling place our driver took us to..

11. Some sacred temple (we felt uncomfortable with this place)

12. Mt. Kintamani

13. Rice Paddy Terrace

14. Bali Bird Park *hornbill is heavy* (-_-)

15. ONE OF MY DREAM CAME TRUE *cheesy dream,eh?*

16. Tanah Lot

17. Experiencing Tanah Lot Holyspring *didnt taste the water though. EEEYY...NOBODY TOLD ME TO TASTE !!! how'd i know (-_-)* (they said the water is not salty despite it's from the sea, that's why it's considered 'holy')

18. The flower-petals-covered pool for our candle lite dinner

19. The dinner

20. Chicken Salad. I only ate the chicken. Dont like salad.

21. Beef steak *didnt bother to write down the actual name, since it's like explanation on Masterchef - Beef steak with this that sauted this that sauce this that.
Point is it's beef steak* (-_-)

22. Tiramisu

23. Some prawns and some i-dunno-what-fish
All foods are good though.

24. GWK

25. Le Garuda

26. Us and the Wisnu

27. Then we flew to Greece...
The bar at Karma Kandara.

28. Le beach from up here *already breathtaking i told joke*

29. The stairway to heaven down under (-_-)

30. Snorkeling.....with lifejacket is kinda bothersome. At least for me who can swim and sometimes want to go deeper to see something, but you stuck there on the surface coz of the lifejacket. But without it, im afraid of drowning, coz it aint a pool, it's ocean for me.

Wearing fin is also bothersome. (-_-). Im definitely not a sea person.

31. Penyu Island.
where all natives there can speak so many languages. Like they can talk mandarin, japanese, english even some languages i dont know. So cool, Balinese people !

32. Dinner cruise..caught flu coz of it and made me sick for the rest of our trip.

Didnt take even one picture for our last day there, since it's the shopping day.
But in summary, we went to Titiles for the porky things, Djoger for overated shirts (but we still bought some), Krisna for some more souvenirs and Pia Tata.

Want to recommend something here.. coz good things need to be shared =)
Most of you might know the famous Pia Legong. I actually had a plan to get some of Pia Legong, but my cousin told me about Pia Tata, which he considered better than Pia Legong *flavour wise and also price wise*, so i gave Pia Tata a shot.

My cousin said that I need to call and preorder first several days prior, so then i called them 3 days prior, make my preorder and i need to transfer the money first (DP is okay), to prevent 100% loss if the customer cancelled. Make sense.
Then on the last day, i asked the driver to drive us there and picked up my order.

Boy oh boy oh boy, how surprise i was to see that it's not a shop nor stall nor counter, it's a (big) house without any signage, and it's not on the main road. If only the driver dont have GPS, i believe we would not get there that fast.


I asked the owner why didnt he open a shop so it's easier for the customer to reach them. He answered, he would like to, but given the current condition alone, sometimes he cannot fulfill all the preorder requests.


He asked me where did i get information about them from?
i said from my cousin, coz my cousin said your Pia is better than the other famous one and also cheaper, and also Pia Tata has more flavour options (Chocolate, Cheese, Mung Bean, Red Bean, Durian).
He modestly answered, if talking about price, yes we are cheaper, it's obvious.
But if talking about taste, it actually depends on the customer preferences, cannot say which one is better.

A very nice guy! no wonder his business is running very good.
Not to mention his marketing strategy is only by word-of-mouth.

The Mung Bean one i think is the most-favourite.
Followed by Chocolate.
The durian is just okay.
I didnt eat Red Bean, but pewe's dad said it's yummy.
I no idea about the Cheese one, coz we didnt buy it. hahaha

Wanna try some?
Call and visit them if you go to Bali

Pia Tata
Jl. Gunung Catur 2 No. 20, Gatot Subroto Barat

*and this post ended like somekind of Pia advertorial..LoL*

PS : (not so) private message To CINDY !!! video gue menyusuri tangga karma kandara tak bisa ku-upload. pas coba upload masa butuh waktu ratusan hours.. *bisa gila* maapkeun..


  1. di poto no 11 rambut lo bagus banget :D

    itu pia tata kayanya enak yah, pengen cobain jadinya nih. humble banget orangnya, hebat..

  2. villa nya keren ya...
    candle light dinner juga keren bagnet... :)

  3. ainaaaa...hahahahahaha gpp lah. yg penting ud ke karma kandara ya for freeeee~

    biarpun ngos2an really worth lah. BANGET ! ga nyesel gw kesana & pengen lagi haha

  4. Naa, kau glowing sekaleeeees..:)

  5. naa.. senang sekali liburannya hehehe. btw, itu nginep dimana sih? keliatannya bagusss.....

  6. iri aku na, iri.... duh pia, udah lama ga mam...


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