Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prettified Pens

Small DIY project for my wedding day.
Just thought it will be nice to get these pens a little makeover, as people will actually notice this one when they write down their names on guestbook.

I found an online store selling decorative pens actually, but the price is just WOW.
So i decided to get creative this time.

Already got all these to play with

Double tape is my new best friend =)

Taraaa.. finished with 3 pens.
Different ribbon colors, different 'designs'
Apparently im not someone who can create same thing over and over again.
I just keep making different pieces (-_-)

and the first one created always end up to be the least favorite.
Guess which one it is.. hahaha

It's not that bad rite?
At least i give some personal touch for my guests..
and that's kinda satisfying.


  1. wow niat banget na...
    bagus... :)

  2. Bagus ainaaaa!!!! Gw suka yang paling kanan. Yang pertama yang mana emangnya??

  3. yg pertama yg tengah tuh..
    diliat2 tema warna gue agak dangdut ya bo... (-_-)

  4. bgsssss!! g prnah niat pngen bkin2 kek gini jg, tp berakhir cm dgn niat -.- ud d bli bhan2nya, tp gak d bkin saking males :p
    btw, haiiii..haii.. slm knal ^^ wah wedd ny tggal 15hr lg ciayooo ;)


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