Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I seriously love home improvement stores

Havent been to Mall Artha Gading for quite long time, but yesterday we decided to go there to visit Ace Hardware and Index/Informa. I also want to take a look at Daiso for their cute stuffs.

First stop was Daiso.
I remember that time i bought cute mugs there for about IDR 15K/mug, then raised to IDR 17K, and now all items are at IDR 22K.
and i think the way they are selling their items are kinda ridiculous.
We saw this seasonings container with box which by right should be in one package (one price), but they sell separately for each item. even the box !!!

Anyway, found this cute mini wooden easel photo frame.. i bought 2.
Looks like this without the brush (more or less.. sorry, i didnt take any pictures for this post)

Got many sizes and designs actually, but i chose the one that already have a frame intact, so i wont have to buy another separate frame *stingy mode on*


This one is 'discovered' by Pewe =P
He thought it will be useful for me.. the short girl..*thank you P (-_-;)* to put/take the hangers to/from high place *at this time he thought the drying racks is quite high up there*
When we got back to our future house and saw the laundry drying racks....think that this item will not be that useful...(and he LAUGHED !!!) coz it's not THAT high..or im not THAT short *my ego hurrrrtsss* LoL


Then continued to Ace Hardware
Found this round cake container which i think is a must-have. It's about IDR 35K.
Looks pretty much like this, but mine is in orange.

Saw an oven too.. quite cheap, i think.
But the brand is KRIS..u know?!?! KrisBow.. Kristanto/Kristianto/Kristian Wibowo..
So, i kinda hesitate..

By the way..may i ask? especially to you guys who love to bake/cook.
Is "microwave oven" an oven ? like..can it really be used as an oven ?
If yes, is it better to have a microwave oven, or a 100% oven ?
coz i dont think i will use microwave to reheat foods or elses.. I only need the oven for baking.
Any specific brand that is quite well-known for good oven ?


Continued to Index Furnishing, which already changed name to Informa.
When we reached there..looked at some items.. i said to Pewe "looks like we cannot afford anything here" and he gave this 'i-agree-with-you' smirk
as in we're not willing to pay that much for items we thought should not be that expensive.

But the Goddess of fortune was with us that day.
Pewe found this small red round table at 70% discount !!! *oh yes,im sucker for discount. esp those above 50% hahahaha*
Original price was IDR 999K, final price is IDR 300K
yes, they're selling displayed products. But it's still in good condition.

i cant find similar picture but imagine this table all solid red and got several compartments below to put things like mails, newspapers, etc. Also got wheels so it can be easily moved around.

On the price tag, it's actually written shoe table or something (it's also placed at the same place with other shoe racks/cabinets). But i really cannot imagine how to use it as shoe rack...nevermind, we will use it as a center table in the living room. Though it's pretty small, but i think it's adequate enough.

Oh, i think i have to let you know the story behind this purchase.
After looking at the price tag and we think we can really use it, we called the assistant to get more information. One guy over there, busy with the computer said "already sold out. no more stock"
We were disappointed, darnnn we are too late. We asked again for the 2nd time just to ensure, pointing to the table we're looking at to the same guy, still he said "Udah ga ada lagi, Bu"

But then at another side, we saw the same exact red round tables (2 of them) already wrapped with plastic and got "PAID" stickers attached.
So i thought, this one we're looking at still dont have the PAID sticker, means it's still available right?
So, we called another assistant. This time round, they said it's AVAILABLE !
*what a lazy rude jerk.. you.. first assistant*

So, the second guy printed the purchase note for us and we hurriedly go to cashier and paid. Though actually we dont have to rush to pay, since if they can print out the purchase note, means it still got stock, but we just want to make sure we did it first. So after we paid, we went back to that place and wait until they secured our table with the PAID sticker. This second guy was really helpful and friendly. I remember his name. Furkon. So, God bless you, Furkon.

I saw that first assistant again, still..serving another customer with rude personality like calling his colleague by yelling in front of customer and acted all supervisor-like and spoke with annoying tone "oh ga bisa Ibu..kan tadi saya udah bilang aturannya harus begini begitu, jadi kalo udah begini ya ga bisa lagi.". I felt like yelling at him. but sorry, unlike him, i still got manner.


While waiting for the trolley to carry our table, we strolled around.
and agaaain, Pewe found another great deal. I think yesterday he got this great-deal-radar on maximum level, u know..LoL

This small and simple white side table.
Got 2 colors actually, white and coffee (it's a very dark brown btw). Pewe chose the dark brown actually, but i prefer white.. coz i think i still can do modification on white surface *decor sticckkkerrs* nyeehehehehe.. also everything in white looks more expensive, right? hahahaha.

Guess how much it is !!!!
it looks pretty much like this. only smaller.

Original price was IDR 199K (already a great deal i think)
but it's at 50% discount.
Final price is IDR 99K !!!! *say HOOOO...say HO HO HO*
and it's not a displayed item. They still have plenty of new stocks.

so..ahem..we bought 2 of this.
Side table should be placed at both sides,right? Also whereelse can buy side table for IDR 99K? *wink2*

So i went home all bliss and satisfied.

Too many cute items..but sadly most of them are out of reach *price wise*
I saw this princessy bed, all white, the headboard is decorated with bling bling, side tables are in cute shape and ellegant handle,also got white vintage cupboard. arggghhh.. they're like calling my name but i must resist.. (T__T)

i wonder what if i go to IKEA, maybe i will not want to go home. Looking at the items on their website is already producing a lot of saliva from my mouth *ewww..sorry about that*

So..i think i must visit this mall once in a while..who knows there's another great deal. nyeehhehehehe..


  1. aina.. sounds like fun banget.. gue juga suka tuh keliling2 toko2 beginian sambil ngebayangin pengen punya walk in closet dan kitchen yang lucu2 seperti display.. future home nya difoto2 doooooonk hihi..

  2. oiya tadi mau komen soal microwave oven lupa! :D

    kalo gue bilang mending beli oven aja na.. microwave oven yang pernah gue liat ga ada setelan suhu, paling cuma pilihan grill, api atas atau bawah.. lagian kalo microwave cenderung lebih kecil dan piringnya muter kan jadi kalo dimasukin loyang persegi ga bisa gerak loyangnya ga kebayang gue hehe..

    gue dulu pake merk bosch yah oke2 aja si tapi ukurannya kecil jadi encok juga bo kalo manggang kue kering karena musti berkali2.. yang penting lo cari yang ada aturan suhu sama bisa api atas aja, bawah aja atau dua2nya.. apalagi yak, secara gue belum pernah beli beginian bingung juga.. hahah.. selamat berbelanja na..

  3. ainaa...kalo gitu mending loe beli oven sekalian ! lebih puas deh sama hasil nya :D btw your future house nanti nya dimana ?

    kalo ke IKEA beneran, ga mo pulang deh yaaa pengen nya embat semua yang ada..apalagi pas liat contoh nya gitu kaya dapur, kamar tidur, walking closet, gilaaa pengen semua. pengen punya rumah kaya gitu! amin...

  4. Langsung beli oven aja Na, lebih afdol hehe.. Btw selamat mengisi rumah! It's fun!

  5. Na, uda pernah coba ke Living World Alam Sutra? Gw juga belom pernah ke sana sih, tapi kayanya dia bermaksud bikin konsep ala ala Ikea gitu. Coba aja. Hehe

  6. Wih mantap ya Aina... Seru banget udah ngisi rumah!

    Anyway, merk Kris itu bagus banget loh kualitasnya. I have their water bottles, itu awet banget, dari gw SMA sampe hari ini masih bagus. Even angka2nya belom fade away.

  7. Kalo pergi ke toko ginian banyak aja ide gue untuk nata rumah jadi tambah pusing ahahaha, tapi seneng sih jalan2 ke toko furniture kayak gini. Gue juga ga tau na beda oven sama microwave ... thanx to your blog post, gue jadi ngerti deh and thanx to fani.

  8. @fanie..iya tuh kemaren juga gue liat cuma ada pilihan grill ama apaa gitu.

    gue bingung aja karena sekarang kynya lebih gampang nyari microwave oven daripada yg 100% oven. beneran deh kemana2 liatnya microwave oven.

    thx for the info yaaa btw

    ssip nanti gue hunting oven!

    rumahnya masih daerah rumah sekarang kok cin, ga jauh2. *diiket ama enyak babe gue, ga boleh jauh2*

    jangankan walking closet, cin..liat rak sepatu yg lebarnya 1 tembok panjang aja udah ngiler gue..

    udah pernah ke living world, krn cowo gue tinggal di alam sutra.
    dimana konsep IKEA-nye? die paling ada ace hardware ama 1 toko semacem informa gitu tapi masih lebih yahud informa deh kayanya.
    banyakkan tempat makan !! hahaha

    bagus yaa?
    nanti klo g dah kepentok sana sini coba beli si Kris ini deh..
    klo dari body sih emang kayanya bukan barang jelek.

    hahahaha.. bingung ye boo peralatan cewe di dapur banyak rupa.

  9. gw mo kasih pendapat buat microwave/oven hehehe..
    Klo kek gw tinggal disini, microwave tu bener2 butuh banget. Jadi klo mau angetin makanan tinggal masukkin semenit dah beres ga perlu kompor, wajan, dkk :P
    Nah klo oven.. oven yg skrg gw pake itu dikasih temen & bisa dipake buat microwave jg, pdhl udah pny micro jg sih. Jadi yg penting itu ada pengatur suhu, ada banyak pilihan menu termasuk bisa buat tempat ngembangin roti itu jg OK, bisa grill jg(soalnya kan listrik jd mgkn agak beda sama yg pake api jd biasanya suhu dinaekin 10derajat).
    Klo soal muter2 yg kek fanie bilang.. gw lebih suka yg tempat naruhnya(loyangnya) itu bisa muter, jadi panasnya rata & rata2 disini klo oven baru yg kecil itu justru pada muter semua ;) tp emang kudu yg gede& alasnya itu bukan dr kaca ky micro tp besi.
    itu menurut gw ya....

    trus klo cm ada salah 1 : oven toaster/oven ga bisa jd micro.. sebaliknya microwave jg ga bisa jadi oven..

  10. woohh dapet meja yg 99rb aja?! lucky u! :D Murmer bangett. cuma kadang di informa jg ga begitu bagus na kualitasnya. gw beli meja buat taro printer, trus dibawahnya ada laci, gw taro lah kertas 1 rim, eh masa keberatan trus skrg nungging :| udah 2 taon yg lalu sih belinya. mesti pinter2 nyari yg kualitasnya bagus jg kalo disana ;))

    klo sofa & meja makannya sih lumayan kualitasnya :D

  11. microwave oven itu kyknya yg disingkat sbg microwave itu deh na ^^ tp mertua gw lagi mendorong gw utk beli tuh.. sejak th lalu udah mau sih krn gw liat praktis banget, bs ngangetin makanan2 goreng2an/panggang supaya hangat lagi.. believe it or not, ayam goreng KFC itu klo dihangatin dgn cara digoreng lagi, rasanya langsung hilang ~ tp krn gw msh nodamen, jdnya gw tunda dulu deh, sampe dpt rumah yg fix, lagipula wattnya cukup gede dan gw banyak pemakaian listrik untuk komputer dan AC~ barang2 merk kris bagus kok, na :) ibarat produk dalam negeri yg dibuat dgn kualitas tinggi.. *mstinya smua produk kyk begitu tuh*

    furniture dr kayu jgn tergiur harga murah, na, soalnya kualitasnya bikin nangis.. hehehe.. gw beli rak 400rb girang2 di carrefour, begitu digeser langsung pada petot gitu.. hehehe.. :D tp cari kayu kualitas bagus skrg sih udah ga ada lagi emang, scr jatinya udah muda2~


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