Thursday, August 25, 2011

溫銀昇校友 李偉興校友 劉健華校友

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo siccck of these horribly-difficult-to-type language.

not having a good skill of pinyin and the not so good pronounciation of my Dad's mandarin make it even worse !

my Dad refused to write by hand. Also refused to write in Romanization type, like Kwok Fu Chen. Means a HUGE homework for me.

Been dealing with this since last month and everytime i have to deal with these characters, i go NUTS !!! *high tempered*

how can a language has so many characters like this, even one stroke difference makes a different meaning of word. silly.

Im typing this post after finished with the last batch.
Hope that this will be really the last one. No more revision, no more additional invitee.

I'm 100% positive dont want to learn mandarin anymore. it's just too much.

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  1. buat nama untuk sodara2 yah ?! hehehe.. sama bokap g klo urusan undangan dia kebagian yang nulis bahasa cina na, tapi berhubung anak na ga ada yang bisa mandarin jadi dia nulis tangan aja tuh semua na, untuk na ga banyak ^^
    klo mo suruh anak na, g ketikin hangul aja ^^


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