Saturday, August 27, 2011

Albums and friends are hereee..

Finally, they are here..

Albums, canvas(es), frame and banner.

Overall, i'm satisfied. *if not i will be outraged considering the amount of Rp Rp Rp we have paid*
Surprisingly, they edited those pictures quite well. Met my expectation.
Even though one of my fave picture was not edited.. i guess because it's very difficult to edit (a car behind us was captured.. the photographer ensured us it can be edited later, but the end it's not edited). Me myself gave up editing that particular one. That's unfortunate, but cant do anything about it, So i just let it go.

-mini album-

-sneak peek-


-9 poses frame- *they said it's bonus, i said it's included in the bill*

also got one banner to be placed at the venue later, but the photo they selected is kindaaa....embarassing, they selected a photo where we made stupid faces. Im still unsure to place that banner or not on D-day.


  1. Canvasnya lucu tuh, consist of multiple frames.

  2. wah...penasaran pengen liat poto2nya hehe

  3. aina.. lucu2 banget!! fotonya bagus2 deh dan kanvas nya bagus banget yang banyak fotonya itu!! can't wait for more pictures!

  4. Aina, ini yang sama YSD bukan?? Kok yang 9 poses frame itu lucu banget siiihhhh...

  5. bagus..........
    pengen liat sayangnya gw jauh huhuhu...
    Persiapan dah OK dunk na?
    jgn lupa update terus ya :)

  6. @angela : yg banyak frame itu bukan canvas. Yg canvas ga g foto,abis kluarinnya aja susah. Gede bgt..

    @cindy,fanie : ♣:)ƭћǟπƙ-Ǚ♣ girls. Ntar ye g upload yg laen klo dah kelar hr H. Haha *sok misterius*

    @dian: ini dr bridal. Yg dari YSD lom diserahin ke gue. *jadi inget kudu kontek*

    @inge:ya bgitulah nge. Moga2 ga ada yg kelupaan. So pasti g update trus.hahahaha

  7. wahh bagus2, dapet framenya langsung lagi. dulu temen gw mesti nyari frame2 sendiri.untung waktu itu gtamed lagi diskonan :P

  8. Na, yang frame putih2 itu keren...


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