Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things to do before I die

*updated Dec 28,2010*

Trying to list out my xx things to do before I die
why xx?
coz i don't know how many numbers i can come up with.

Target : 100

Red = Done.

Will update this from time to time

1. Have at least 5 immigration stamps from different foreign countries in 1 passport
2. Visit Greece (Acropolis & Santorini are must-go ones)
3. Have my own car
4. Have my own house (with walk-in closet if possible)
5. Get married
6. Have kids (twins if possible)
7. Take my parents (esp. my mom) to visit Australia (it's been her wish since years ago)
8. Watch Jay Chou Live in Concert
9. Visit South Korea & Japan at one go *for economic reason* (-_-)
10. Take a picture with my first snow wherever it is
11. Watch a midnight movie and not fall asleep
12. Be a good employer with sustainable wealth
13. Regularly go to the gym and maintain figure to always be as in high school *wtf*
14. Related to #1, I'd like to visit at least 25 different countries (Countries mentioned in several numbers are must go ones)
15. Witness my kids' 1st day of school, graduation day, etc similar to that
16. Visit New Zealand
17. Make friend with total strangers
18. Win somekind of lottery or quizes either in small or big scale events *coz i have very little luck in things like this, so experiencing it even just once will be nice*
19. Go shopping alone, buy the things i like, eat what i want to eat without any interruptions from anyone.
20. Trying my luck in a casino
21. Collecting pictures to create a very tick memoir for future generations.
22. Learn to bake and make it to perfection
23. Master at least 20 different decent dishes
24. Learn to use sewing machine and sew something !
25. Grow my hair until it reaches my waist and keep it for at least 3 months
26. Have a family vacation somewhere far
27. Visit Silicon Valley and some famous offices there if possible *nerd-mode*
28. Visit sunflower field !!!
29. Watching badminton game LIVE (Pewe's request)

Anyone has this kind of list too? Mind to share? who knows you can inspire me.. ^^


  1. huahhhh g enggak mikir sejauh itu haha..mikirinya hari esok, tapi impian sih banyak, cuma g g list~ walaupun orang bilang impian itu awal dari kenyataan, tapi kadang jadi beban juga ^^

  2. sama kayak pitshu, gak pernah juga ngelist2 begini. hehehe.

  3. wah list nya menarik na :D
    kalo gue apa yah.. ada sih yang pengen tapi yang long term ga banyak kayanya haha..

    kalo ga salah qantas ato jetstar lagi ada disc penerbangan ke aussie deh kemaren liat sekilas2 doank ga inget airline mana hehe.. ga nolong!

  4. pengen ngeliat auroraaaaa~

  5. @Fanie : AA jg diskon~ :( Sayang dr sini kemana2 mahal huhuhu...

  6. wah na menarik ya buat list kaya gini. gw juga banyak sih tapi ga pernah gw list-in tuh :D

  7. @Pitshu : some people say, impian klo ditulis bisa punya kekuatan lebih besar daripada cuma disimpen di otak. ga tau sih bener apa ngga. i just read it. ^^

    @Arman : coz u already got the best of both world, rite?? kekekeke..

    @fanie : bikin juga fan..hehe
    buat iseng2 berhadiah (klo kesampean)
    i think the feeling when you finally put a tick/strikethrough one of them will be priceless..

    bo nyok gue keknya kudu ikut tur, klo pegi sendiri ga tau mo kemane.haha

    @Inge : aurora? bisakah diliat dari bumi?

    @cinde : bikin list nya..hehehe

  8. Sama ma Pitshu, gw juga ga mikir list begitu..soalnya kalo ga jd sedih sendiri..:)

  9. pernah sih bikin list kyk gini, tapi sekarang udah jarang, itupun list nya sering mentok di angka 10.
    satu wish yang paling besar yg lg diinginkan: pergi ke south africa, since it's the only continent i've never been to :'( makanya utk sementara wish nya cuma satu dulu, dan difokusin utk mewujudkannya :)

    salam kenal juga :D

  10. you just inspired me to write about things I've achieved. semacam dreams come true.
    kalau dari list loe, ada beberapa yang jadi impian gw dan ada beberapa yang juga sudah jadi kenyataan.

    1. I've got 5 immigration stamps from different countries in one passport. They are Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.
    8. Watched Jay Chou's concert
    10. Take picture with "fake" snow.. haha. done it at Hong Kong Disney land last december. it's not the real snow yet.. haha. does it count?
    11. watched midnight show and don't fall asleep
    19. went shopping alone. actually it's my daily routines. always stop by at ciputra mall after office to do some grocery shopping or facial and relax at salon.
    20. tried my luck at casino and no luck at all. lost my HKD100 in 5 minutes only.


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