Saturday, September 4, 2010

Run devil run

First of all, i wanna say this is a totally random post..
Found some videos and suddenly want to blog this with no reason at, expect an absurd ending. (-_-)

Okay,to clear things first, i'm not a dancer. The first and last dance class i've ever been to is when i was about 6 years old (i guess). I remember joining that class, but i dont remember why i quit. Perhaps because others did not want to continue, so i also need to quit.

Anyway, I like to watch korean MVs. especially those containing dance routines.
Those who likes korean music will agree that they have pretty cool dance coreographies come with their MVs.

One of my fave is this MV by SNSD - Run Devil Run
I found the coreography very attractive, even until this very second.
Maybe because it's kinda different from other SNSD MVs which give all cute images, this one shows their 'fierce' side (not as fierce as 2NE1 though). Smokey eyes make ups, black outfits and all..

Their MV below :

I like it much to the extent i want to learn the steps (-_-) *ya, go laugh now*
some steps are easy, but HECK, those moves at 01:23 - 01:28 are damn tricky. looks easy but it's NOT (to me).

then when i was creating my mixpod playlist, i found this video.

The Caucasian lady in the video is
Lisette Bustamante, the coreographer for Run Devil Run, who also coreographed some of BoA's dance routines.
And honestly, i like her version better, more energetic and firmed.
But it's understandable because SNSD have to sing and dance at the same time.
Too bad the video is only for about 1 minute.. wish that she did the whole moves.

No idea who the guy is..maybe one of coreographer too..

And apparently, many dance school use this coreography for their students.
mostly those dance school in korea.

This is one of the dance school (EZ dance) members doing Run Devil Run dance.

Found another one with more boys dancing instead of girls, but the above one is much better.
and a lot more you can find in youtube..

i want to learn properly, anyone can teach me?????

Okay, that's all..
absurd enough? (-__-)


  1. g suka ama band2 korewa yang punya ciri khas dance, salah satunya run devil run, lagi lainnya Oh! Gennie Gee punya dance khas na

  2. hahahaa,....>inge; baru gue mau bilang gitu juga,.."coba tanya elrica"....
    gue suka tuh yg choreo-nya Lisette...iyah, lebih energetik.

  3. HUAAAAA....
    aku juga sukaaa >__<
    banyak loh,rata2 korean singer itu juga ngedance,mungkin disana sulit bersaing kalo ga bisa joget kali ya ^^

    selain itu postur mereka itu bagus2 -___-

    dance school yang paling suka aku liat di youtube itu defdance.coba deh cari,mereka rata2 cover dance nya amazing.*___*

  4. Yeah I luv it tooo…

    Dulu g perna diajarin ma temen ya bisa dance.. tapi emang dasar pikun jadi movesnya suka lupa..
    Jadi inget dulu perna di video-in sekarang klo liat jadi malu kikiki…

    Tapi emang orang korea goyang dikit aja keren hihi

  5. Start join dance class na ^^
    gw demen Boa kalo pas ngedance, keren aja gitu liatnya.
    Itu cewek koreografernya yah? Gw baru tau loh, gw pikir koreografernya korean juga -_-'

  6. @Pit.. yg laen macem Oh! gitu juga gue suka, cuma Run Devil Run ini lebih keren, krn biasanya kan mereka dancenya yg cute2 aegyo gitu.

    @Inge,Nancy..ya klo panggil El gue berat di ongkos dunk..haha *j/k*

    @liezy, klo penyanyi ballad sih ga banyak dance..
    klo cewe2 artis gitu kan sedikit kliatan bulet aja udah langsung disuruh diet, cewe2 SNSD ini katanya dalam sehari dibatesin berapa kalori yg harus dikonsumsi, ga boleh latian terus tiap hari, gimana ga oke badannya.. *iri*

    @HiSao..mana videonyaaa..di-post donk..hihihi

    @El, masalahnya g ga tau di Jakarta tuh dance school yg bagus dimana. Ada juga ikutan kelas hip hop di celebrity fitness gitu. malas gue klo kaya gitu.

  7. me loves it too! Ade2 gw biasanya belajar sendiri dari MV MV nya. ya ga seperfect MV sih tapi gerakan2 yg "khas" nya aja :p

  8. Gw pertama kali ikut kelas hip hop juga di celeb fitness ex na, yg ngajar jepun brazil..* emang males sih ngeliatin tampang dancer yg nyolot disono..tpnbodo amatlah ya!


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