Friday, July 2, 2010

random snippets

1. Tried to do hair bow style with my hair...

result : FAILED !!! (-__-)

I follow this tutorial which i think is the 'easiest'
Apparently not that easy to do laah.. esp with my not-so-long-and-layered-hair

2. Suddenly miss my big dog

It's almost a year since last time i saw my big dog breaths.
and suddenly my mood went low. *plus by the first goal from Brazil as im writing this! F*** *

miss you big good dog !! (T_T)

AND INCIDENTALLY FOUND THIS VIDEO while browsing around cheeserland's youtube channel.. Effin U who did that to those dogs!!!!! really F*** you !!! Go to hell !!!!
Can't accept ANY reason in doing such act !! i prefer you got the rabies rather than to kill those dogs !

Mood went lower and lower..

Well, at least i know that big dog of mine got lotsa love and had a great life, hoping he can share the love to his friends now up there *pardon me for being so mellow here*

3. Just realized one thing today....
looks like i have a 'disguised' dimple on my right cheek now

can you see it? i don't think i have one before.
im smiling there in order to make the dimple appeared.

Hopefully this mellow moment of mine will be gone by tomorrow, coz gotta something to do tomorrow

Gud Nite,peeps..
Have a nice weekend !!


  1. Aina, gw pernah liat anjing yang dibunuhnya tuh ditarik pake jetski di bali! And i was so mad!!!!! Sebel banget liatnya!!!

  2. bukan sebel lagiii..!!!
    bisa ya orang sampe kejam gitu..
    mentang2 anjing itu bukan manusia..


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