Thursday, July 1, 2010

new toy to play with...


Not a physical toy, it's actually a website where you can play with colours..
i love colours..
sometimes, it makes me go crazy deciding the colour palette for whatever use.. be it graphic design thingy (banner, avatar, poster, etc) or even clothes.

I think this website can give a lot of help
There are so many palettes, patterns, even to single colour uploaded by the members for others references

I love patterns !
I love colours !
but have difficulty in mix and match-ing colours.. *that's why choosing frame colours for my cross-stitch projects were quite confusing*

Never thought Pink + Brown looks nice
Blue + Brown = Elegant
Purple + Black <> Gothic, it's mad gorgeous !!

There you can try to create your own pattern (basic design already provided, u just have to play with the colours) and it's so FUN *i even neglecting my job to play with this..hehe*

spotted mine??? ^^

think that i'm gonna be addicted to this...

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