Sunday, July 18, 2010


For me,personally,a movie is categorized AWESOME when it makes me think or talk about it again and again...
Harry Potter & Prisoner of Azkaban and Avatar are two of not-so-many movies that fall into that category.

And now there's this mad crazy Inception;which is being a hot topic recently among movie goers; that added 1 more movie to my AWESOME category

Zero wasted film bullshit..
Kept me engaged from start to end
MAD CGI !!!!

I'm not a fan of 'hanging' movies..
But this one in an exception, 'hanging' but leave you with your own thinking of what might actually happened there..
It gives audience freedom to have their own perspectives..which is real..which is not real..or all are unreal..
When people say this movie plays with your mind,it's not a joke !!
Not a movie for those with problems or under pressure *go watch Despicable Me instead*

I think after watching this movie,a lot of people will have interest to read books about subconscious mind.

Makes me even more believe that dreams are not just dreams. Dreams are powerful. It is not 100% unrealistic.
That dreams...are sometimes dangerous..

Damn it..
Think that this movie really did something to my mind..

*sorry,no colors,no bold/italic/underline for your reading pleasure..writing this from my phone*

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