Friday, May 14, 2010

Summed up

Summary of what happened in my life yg lom sempet di-post

1. Bought myself 2 shawls from

One is this cherry krey shawl..Love this one because you can wear it in so many different ways
Another one is acid wash shawl in olive color *sorry no picture*

2. Went to the gym FINALLY !
My gym shoes finally had its debut =P
We (Pewe & I) chose to gym at Hotel Golden Boutique. Considered affordable, okay facilities and not-so-packed environment.
The first trial gave a good impression *not to our body though..sprain here and there*
Planning to take a monthly package later (we paid for 1 time visit only that day, just as a trial = IDR 90,000/person).

3. Met my high school ladiess.. *minus one though*
A great day, catching up with each other's stories..

Had our lunch @ Sushi Tei
Camwhoring at Fashion Hub
Camwhoring again..this friend of mine is the hardest to get in touch with, so once we have the chance to meet her, we have to take a lot of pictures with her and listen to her stories most of the time.. She got back from Taiwan months ago and yet she will fly to Melbourne next month *busy geeky girl* =P

4. Another friend of mine got pregnant *yeay!!* but she's down with sickness *poor her*
She cannot eat, cannot drink, coz she's always feeling nauseous.
She eats a lot normally (by a lot i mean A LOT !), so seeing her suffering like that is not comfortable. Had to be taken to hospital TWICE..and though she's out now, she has not 100% recovered. She even turned off her BB so she can have a lot of rest with minimum disturbance.
When i saw her at the hospital, she even said "If i see *her husband name*, I feel sick..Feeling like throwing tantrum. Even if it's only a kiss, i can be very mad at him" (o_O)
Doctor said it's a common thing for pregnant mommy.
Aigoo...poor wifey and poor hubby too

5. Had a taste of Mr.Park food
Based on
cindy's post.. it's good, so I also want to have a taste.
I wanted to taste their Jajangmyun initially, but they said it's sold out (which i believe they don't prepare the Jajangmyun, coz their Family Set was selling like hot cakes !!!)
The queue was rather crazy..
Pewe decided to try the family set in the end.
Quite a portion (-_-). Same as Cindy, we thought we couldn't finish it.
But....apparently, only Salad and some fried rice left on the plate (coz we both don't like salad)
My fave : JapChae !! a.k.a Soun in bahasa.. *it's soooo good* (i think Korean JapChae is always good, i remember one in Gang Gang Sulai is also very goooodd)
But i'm still curious with the jajangmyun !!

6. Invited to friend's birthday dinner
Ate at Clover Palace @ Central Park
I like the Kepiting Soka Goreng. Others are just okay (we ordered Bebek Panggang, Ayam Panggang, Mie Goreng, Belut Cabe Garam, some ikan, far as i remember)
Oh..almost forgot, the Salmon Melted Sushi is good !!
About the price. If you saw on the menu, actually the price is quite okay (more or less like MayStar, DuckKing, etc), but looking at the portion make those price kinda expensive for me..
*their Mie Goreng Ulang Tahun is only enough for 2 person per (female) portion !*

7. Oh well, this is not an activity..
I just have this craze for bangles lately...


PS : Oh.. have i told you that i've resigned from the office @ Blok M and decided to go back to previous office @ Slipi ?
(sometimes something just happened too fast until i don't even know why or how it happened. it's just....happened *snap fingers* like that)


  1. wah na...maksud nya ndak naek busway lagi resign toh hehe...

    btw family set nya , setujuuu soun nya enak yaa cuman sayang soun nya dikit haha..

  2. Mr. Park family setnya gile boo...
    Gue jg tadinya mo nyoba jajangmyun, tp ktnya saos tauco-nya susah didpt (???).
    Anyway, buat hrg segitu en porsi segitu dgn rasa begitu...bolehlah klo mo balik lg...^^(tp emg tuh porsinya buat 3 org~~~)


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