Monday, March 1, 2010

Legion Quote

Fave script

Jeep (J) : So what did you do before you came here.
Michael (M) : I was a soldier. A general in His army.

J : What changed? What made you leave?
M : I was given an order I didn't believe in. He lost faith. I didn't.

J : How come you still have faith? I mean, seems like everything I have faith in cost me nothing but trouble.
M : When God chose your kind as the object of his love, I was the first in all of heaven to bow down before you.
My love and my hope for mankind hasn't lessened yet.
But I have watched you trample that gift.
I've watched you kill each other over race and greed.
Waging war over dust, rubble and words in old books.
And yet in the midst of all this darkness, I see some people who will not be bowed.
I see some people who will not give up. Even when they know hope is lost.
Some people, who realize that being lost is so close to being found.
I see you, Jeep. Fifteen years old, your mother leaves you, your father withdraws from the world. And you spend the next five years of your life helping him find his way home.
You love a woman, who has the child of another, and you love her making a fool of yourself. Even though you know she may never love you the way you love her.
You, Jeep. You are the reason I still have faith.

Fave line (esp. for Pewe =P )

"You gave Him what He asked. I gave Him what He needed."

"Do you want to give Him what He ask or give Him what He needs?"

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