Friday, February 5, 2010

The Little Things She Needs

intro : sorry haven't updated for pretty long time..just don't have anything to write.
But i do have one now...^^


Today, after done with an interview session, I directly went to Grand Indo. No particular reason or so whatever, i just want to have a little walk.

Arrived there, dang!! i dunno where to go. Headed to gramed, entered F21, here and there like a lost lamb. Then headed to food louver where i bought 2 pizza @ pizza bar

*sorry no pictures, they're in my stomach already* (-_-)

Decided to go back home.. but then.. i walked pass this one store I've never seen before..

it's called The Little Things She Needs

Selling shoes mainly, flats especially, but they also offer several kind of accessories.

I saw on the wall written "Flats, 2 for Rp 199,000,-"
kinda great deal, rite?

I thought all flats are 2 for Rp 199,000,-, but apparently not.

I spotted one that i like, no price tag, so i had to ask the SPG, it's for Rp 199,000,-/pair

I asked the SPG whether the price is the same for all flats, she answered no. it differs. She pointed a studded-style yellow flats which costs Rp 249,000,-/pair.

I asked again *bawel mode* how come they don't tag the price on the shoes? that way customers will ask them over and over again about the price.

She answered "we haven't put the tag yet"

I asked again "ohh new store?"

She answered "Yes, opening day today"

aaahh... opening wonder they looked so busy.. and i saw one man *probably the boss* was arranging things and like hecticly going here and there, making sure everything looks nice.

There I was, buying the shoes i like.. since i don't have nice flat shoes until now.. *do i?..thinking.. no i don't have one*

here it is..

I'm pretty sure i'm the first customer who purchased something there.. *aahahahaha..*
bcoz the clerk said "ini gimana nih? pilih cash ya?... stiker nya taro mana?"

(^__^) kinda funny seing people work for the first time.. awkward awkward..

Checked on the website, they only have 2 stores, 1 @ GI and another one is @ EX (dunno if the one at EX is new also)

But i guess they will sell a lot.. considering the affordable price for a store located inside the lux and glam Grand Indonesia.

Oya.. it's located near Phoebe & Chloe. Same level, same side, it's between Seibu and Phoebe & Chloe


  1. wahhhhhhhhhh naaaaaaaaa.....itu yg gw pengen! warna nya sama persis! size brp loe ? gw di EX coba size 37 masih kegedean di gw T_T coba size 36 yg warna item pas....tapi gw pengen nya warna yg kaya loe hiks..di GI baru bukaa yaaa......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. size 37 gue cin..
    g cobain 38 masih kegedean sih..
    klo ada pengennya 37.5 sih,abis 37 rasae ngepas benget..

    tapi yasudahlah

    tadi liat juga yg item, tapi manisan yg abu kan..lebih kliatan pita nya

    yg denim juga lucu sih..tapi bahannya agak kaku, yg ini kan lentur, banyak bolongnya lagi, jd kaki gue ga keringetan..hehe

    ayooo phaniee..dibeli...

  3. ayo cin minggu depan kita serbu...
    yuk na jumat depan jadi tour guide kita di GI? :P

  4. weh ada apa ini pd beli sepatu semua..? huehehehe..

  5. phanie...dia mo buka juga tuh di gading 3, maren gue liat ada tulisannya opening soon..

  6. widih.. semoga kaga lucu2 amat deh.. ntar malah beli beneran :P

  7. nah na, gw tuh size 37 nya masih kegedean. pas cobain yg item size 36 pas banget di gw. enak aja dah pokok nya. tapi gw ga beli, karenaa bener kata loe, bagusan yg abu2 hiksssss..


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