Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funny Oatmeal

not Oatmeal that you can eat btw

I got this from a friend's facebook.

It's a name of a website which provides you a lot of funny articles, written and drawn by only 1 person.


You can find several funny articles which might get you think "ahh that's so damn true"

like the one on the very top :
Why I Believe Printers Were Sent From Hell to Make Us Miserable

This one is soooo true..esp. the last part.. it almost always refuse to work in a very crucial time !!

another "so-true" one is this :
How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

replace the word "Web Design" with "Customized Programs/Softwares" for you programmers.. i know we all hate the word "minor changes"

and many other articles you can read there..
pretty good to read when you're stressed out..have a good laugh out of it


PS : oh about my job interview..errrrr...i guess i should not expect too much rite now..dont have that much optimism afterward.

oh, that's for m4t4h4r1 one, btw.
for 1m4m4t3k one.. i didn't get it..but i'm Happy, with capital H..hahaha..

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