Monday, December 14, 2009

lil updates

* me.. on a 'diet'
dalam tanda kutip karena dietnya niat2 engga.
cuma ngurangin makan, tapi teteup makan carb, teteup makan lemak2..

* dalam rangka mendukung diet, gue beli timbangan..
yaaakk..rumah saya tidak ada timbangan..!! (ini update tidak penting ya.. maap)

* watched Old Dogs (funny one) and Planet 51 (nice one)
gue kangen film action keren macemnya Die Hard/Mission Impossible/Enemy of The States gitu deh...

* had ladies day out last sunday. Ketemuan dan karokean setelah sekian lama (akhirnya gue jingkrak2 lagi nyanyi Yang Guang Zai Nan...!! yg mana pewe pasti kaget klo liat kelakuan gue klo lagi karoke (^^;; ))

* still waiting for phone call(s) patiently ~ u know what i mean

OHH.. this one is not related to me, i don't know her personally, but somehow i feel happy for her ^^

* the
blog queen from Singapore is finally ENGAGED !!
read the story
and here's the footage (credits to :


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