Monday, December 28, 2009

Kenko - Fish Spa & Reflexology

Yesterday (Sunday, December 27, 2009), we went to Grand Indo..

Had movie marathon : Paranormal Activity and Alvin & The Chipmunks 2 (right strategy one, since after being stressed out watching the first movie, we can release the stress by watching the 2nd one.. haha)

Had dinner @ Njun Jan
Ordered the Squid with special NJ sauce (nyum), Salty and spicy fried tofu (average), Asparagus & Crab Egg Soup (so so).

Window shopping here and there, then decided to have a drink @Dunkin Donuts
I had Green Tea (which was kinda weird, half sweet, half bitter, no likey), he had Ice Latte.

Then i saw on the opposite side, there's one place i've never seen before (since we rarely walk to that side of GI), the name is Kenko, and i was wondering if it's a restaurant or what?
I tried to read the caption on the printed glass.. "Kenko ~ Fish Spa"..
then I realized it's the picture of the Dr. FISH they printed on the glass.. ~wt*~
i should have my eyes checked..

Before deciding to go to GI, pewe suggested to go to reflexology place. But he also want to watch movies, so decided to go to GI, who knows GI has a reflexology place, and it really has.. *amazed* (-_-)

the time was 20:00
kinda too late *in our time* to give it a try..
Pewe said "next time we try that okay"
okay !

then *sigh*, it's apparently raining outside, quite heavily..

It's already fated that we should try this that day..don't u think??

We went inside,looking at the price and the package.

For fish spa :
30 minutes = Rp 120,000,-
*they got no 15 minutes one* (-_-)
*using the normal price, it's more expensive than D'Creek at MOI*
*but good news, they offer Pay One For Two for fish spa if you have BCA card*

For the foot reflexy :
30 minutes = Rp 100,000,-
60 minutes = Rp 190,000,-
90 minutes = Rp 280,000,-
120 minutes = Rp 360,000,-
*this one is kinda too pricey, i don't know for sure though.. I went to foot reflexology at Pluit once, called Wellness or something and if i'm not mistaken it costs less than Rp 100,000,- / person for 90 minutes. CMIIW*

They also have shoulder massage *which I really really really needed...BLAME IT ON STITCHING*
15 minutes = Rp 50,000,-
30 minutes = Rp 100,000,-

They also offer a package of Foot, Hand & Shoulder massage
45 minutes = Rp 180,000,-
60 minutes = Rp 210,000,-
90 minutes = Rp 290,000,-
120 minutes = Rp 360,000,-

and this one is the super cool one
they offer a FULL BODY SPA
i think they need to change the name to "full body FISH spa" --> click to see the picture
yepp.. all of this time i think Fish Spa is only meant for our feet
but apparently, Kenko lets the fish to "eat" you from neck to toe
*aigoo...i got all ticklish just by imagining it*

it costs Rp 380,000,-

Anyway.... we both decided to have shoulder massage for 15 minutes
Sat on the chair like in the picture *click*
and they started to massage us. I chose female massager for my own convenient.
at first it ached !! like ouuchhh...means that i had a really stiff shoulder
but later on it got nicer and nicer. She went down until the hips and again OUUCHH...
she also massage my head...nice..
It ended precisely after 15 minutes *they use timer of course*
They offer us ginger tea, but we passed on it since we don't really like ginger tea.

Walked out the door with a loosened up shoulder.. feels like flying ~wt*~

You can find Kenko here :
- Grand Indonesia (Unit WM-LG, 18-19)
- Senayan City (Unit LG 18C)
- Pacific Place (Unit B1-28)


  1. kepengen cobain tuh ai, fish spa-nya. katanya sih geli2 ya? >.>

    liat dari pricelistnya sih tempatnya middle-up punya kayaknya.

  2. iye geli2..
    klo lu orangnya gelian sih mungkin bisa ga tahan..

    lu pake CC BCA aja..kan pay 1 for two..jadi 1 orang jatohnya 60ribu-30 menit.


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