Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finally..The 09 will be over..

I guess i'm standing on different ship with almost all of my friends' regarding what they think and feel about the year 2009..

I think most of them made 2009 as one of their greatest year. You know, many of them got married.

But for me, 2009 is not my fave year.

2008 is.
2010 hopefully will be.

If i have to reminisce what have happened in 2009.. aigoo, i don't have the mood.
So many sad things, problems, hiccups, like everything is being on the lowest level of the unrotating wheel of life.

Have said this several times...that i had the not so good feeling about 2009 when 2008 was about to end.

I don't know if that thought have something to do with what happened to me this year *i believe in the law of attraction, u know*

well.. maybe yes maybe not. the feeling itself came to me with no reason and with no force, so i can't help it myself.
But however, it will end soon.

and i'm 100% ready to live in the year of 2010

and ahaa..i have good feeling for this year
i have no worries, i have no bad feelings, i have nice images playing in my mind, and that's GOOD !!!

hopefully this feeling is right.


As for the resolution
I don't want to have many resolutions, it became more and more cliche to ask someone what's the resolution for the new year. Of course everyone wants to be better than last year lah !!

I stick with 1 resolution only, which is to find a great job. That's it.

ooooooo, i'm so eagerrr to say goodbye to 2009.... *feel a bit evilish*


  1. setuju 300%, ai...

    gua sebel ama tahun 2009! >.<

  2. gue juga nggak hoki nih taon ini, gue kira cuma gue doank yang sial di taon 2009, tapi masih untung lah masih bisa makan ama nggak tinggal di kolong jembatan, praise the lord

  3. olin.. lu dapet hoki guedeee banget taon ini ibuuu..lu dapet baby jocelyn..^^


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