Saturday, December 26, 2009


Went to TA a bit earlier (around 10.30 am) searching for something to give to friends as xmas presents.

Why is it become harder and harder to find a nice present now?? (-_-)

After wandering around almost all gift shops, all gifts-can-be-found-potential shops, we still cant find something nice to give (considering we have to buy presents for girls and boys, total of 11 people).

Then we kinda gave up and always have the thought of 'usually, something good suddenly appears when we're about to go home'.. (have you ever felt like that before? like you searched for something, didn't find it, and when you gave up and decided to go home, suddenly the thing you've been searching for finally found). and it did happen again this time.

We found something to give to the ladies, though it's not much, and we're still lacking the gifts for the boys, but at least we got something.

It's an art-towel, lollipop/ice cream shape, we bought at one temporary stall near that cute bear house where people want to take pictures at, you know.. (including me) =p

Still thinking hard what to give to the boys.

The day before, i went to Carrefour with my parents and saw mugs. I thought mugs are quite good, since it's usable and it comes with nice design..hehe..
But didn't find any nice mugs at TA, so we decided to go next door, Central Park, since they have Carrefour there and found the mugs finally.

Went back home, took a bit rest (or not). Got ready for the night, then went to Bandar Djakarta with friends, since that day was...


That 'birthday coconut' was random, okay. They only give it to someone who's having birthday, but a friend asked for it as if one of us is having a birthday.

Pewe happened to be 'victim'..hahaha..since when the bday coconut (and crew) came (and singing happy bday song), i was not on my chair.

They gave us a frozen glass as present *nice touch*
but the surprise didn't stop there..

These fellas here... *below are only some of them, the rest are still eating*
prepared another surprise..

Since we went to Bandar Djakarta separately, they gave me a call, told that they will be a lil late since one of them are buying PS3 games *i believed it since one of them just got new PS3 and go over gaga with it*.

Apparently, they bought us a cake and presents.

You see those little candles?
Recognize what kind of candles are they?
I do..
Those are RELIGHT candles !!
I already know, but there's nothing i can do about it, all i can do was blow blow blow until it's finally out.

and it didn't stop there.
They asked us to take pictures with silly poses like this :

We only have to forget that Bandar Djakarta was packed and be thick-skinned for a night.. hahaha

But it was fun, we're touched.. Thank you guys !!



  1. aah.. you two look so cute together :D happy anniversary!

  2. happy anniversary! ke berapa na ????

  3. @cindy... count the candles (^^)


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