Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mocca...we should be proud of

Just found out that indo's own MOCCA is famous in Korea

I've been hooked up with korean variety shows lately *Trust me, they are THAT good and THAT funny!*
as you know some of my previous posts are about this korean reality show called "We Got Married"

and i just found out that they use some of MOCCA songs for the background songs..
awesome, rite?

Not only for that particular reality show, but their songs are also used for some CFs (commercial films) / advertisements..

They also shared the same stage with some of korean most famous names, such as Rain, Shinhwa, Wondergirls (i want nobody nobody but you *clap clap*)

Agnes Monica goes to Korea to many times? once? twice? and got publications here and how's she really going international and so on...
do korean people now know even one of her song??

Mocca is more famous there i can say...already have fanbase there but they don't have that much publication from our local entertainment shows on how they managed to go international and really go international like selling albums leeh...not only perform once and done..

isnt it ironic?

PS : Im not anti Agnes monica, also not a fan. but seriously, she's being overated sometimes..

moccakorea's youtube

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