Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lebaran Holiday

I havent posted a 'proper' blog entry for quite a while..pardon..

Since i have something to post now, i'll do it again..hehehe

So, I spent couple days of my holiday in Bandung with friends..
(Actually i only have 2 days off, those dates marked in red on calendar, sigh.. but i took leave for 8 days if i'm not mistaken..too lazy to work already)

At first, i was not in the mood to go.. but Mr.P said he really wanted to go. As a good girlfriend *ahem ahem*, i have to give him company after all of this time i think he's the one who gives me company all the time..*sorry*

So, we went on Sept 20.. journey was quite smooth until we got out from Kopo toll gate. Quite horrible and suddenly i got my natural emergency call..(-_-)..luckily we reached the nearest gas station (which was not that near anyway, so i suffered for couple minutes)

To make the long story short, we reached the villa that has been booked by a friend. She 'discovered' this villa through the internet *YAY to google*
Got the picture, and they sent back brochure and all..
Looks quite nice from what we saw on the brochure.
What we didn't know is....the villa is located waaaayyy up there, very secluded..must go through the rocky road that fits only for 1 car and it's quite scary.

The villa itself is actually okay. Clean and the air is sooo fresh and relaxing.
It's just the location that concerned us..We really cannot go anywhere if we're alredy there.
So, after we got out of the cars, we discussed...that we wanted to change accomodation for the next 2 days..

So for the first day, we just hang out around the villa. Got swimming pool, i didn't swim though. It's near the tea Mr.P and I had a brief walk to the tea garden. Then....we had a nap for about an hour or so.

Some spent time by watching TV, some having chit chat, some playing NDS, some still sleeping..

At night....spent time playing cards...hahahaha too bad no pictures for this..*i forgot to snap a picture !!!*

The next day, we headed to Kawah Putih (since we're in Ciwidey, so it's kinda close.. not very close though). Unfortunately, the traffic was horrible !!! and Kawah Putih was packed with people. We had to queue to go in, we had to queue to park the car and we had to have a small mouth fight with an asshole.. (-_-)

My mom and dad happened to be there also, they were about 30 minutes ahead, but that made a huge gap of time (coz of the traffic), so i didn't manage to meet them. Maybe they were going downhill when i was going uphill..

Took tons of pictures there, since i know we can't be there for a long time because of the sulfur concentrate. It's said that it's cold there..but was freaking hot when i was there..

After that, we headed to Bandung city... we booked a superior room at Grand Hotel Lembang. Before we went to the hotel, we had dinner at Paskal Food City. Again, it was packed with people. Luckily we managed to find seats for 12 people.

We reached the hotel at about 9PM, i guess... the room is quite spacious. Amazingly it fits for all of us, 12 people, with addition of 2 extra bed.
*notes : didn't take many pictures anymore from this time on*

Since it's quite late already, we I went to sleep after finished tidying up myself, while other had "some fun" with playing cards.

The next morning, Mr.P and I woke up the earliest among all those late monkeys.. While other still in deep sleep, we both decided to go out and search meal for breakfast. Actually we got 4 tickets of hotel breakfast, but we didn't take it. We had a walk and discovered a place called "Tahu Lembang".

There...was like a rest area, where you can find foods and also have children playground. The name of the place is explicit..the STAR of the place is THE TOFU... when you got in, the first thing you see is a drive-thru place for people to buy tahu lembang.

We, as a newbie, didn't know that they also sell the tofu inside, we were queueing like idiot at the drive-thru instead, while we actually walked by foot.. (-_-)

It's Rp 10,000,- for 10 tofus..

The tofu....yum yum. I'm a tofu fans, so you can't really trust in me if it comes to tofu, it's all good to me..hahahaha..but really, it's good. They call it Tahu susu. They even sell the raw, unfried one, but i didnt buy any. My dad already warned me NOT TO BUY ANYTHING...well, okay..

After we got our tofu, we walked in to the food area..what do they sell?
you can find Kupat Tahu, Tahu Gejrot, Yong Tou Fu.....most of them are tofu
but you can also find Zupa Soup..which i chose for that morning.

Inside, we can buy the tofu exactly like we bought at the drive-thru, and we can see the tofu factory located beside the tofu stand...It's usually closed for public, but that time, it's open house..haha.

In the afternoon, we visited Rumah Sosis.. Traffic was still horrible..

Rumah Sosis..what do they sell? (-_-) Sausage lah..
All kind of sausages, like cheese sausage, black pepper sausage, and all.. but it's freakin expensive. Rp 40,000,- for a package of sausage. nonsense lah..

Actually they have swimming pool and other attractions like flying fox and all, but we have to pay to get in.. not interested. So, we only had our lunch there. I had chicken steak, not recommended. Mr.P had Nasi Goreng, quite good. Friends had Sup Gurame, smells nice.

Quite near to Rumah Sosis is Kampung Bakso, we didn't visit, but for sure they sell all kind of bakso (-_-)

Then we went to CiWalk..traffic HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE..

from CiWalk, we walked to Cihampelas Point, if i'm not mistaken. There i bought a sunglasses. LoL..

Then back to CiWalk, had dinner at Texas (yes, you can tell we already didn't know where to do and where to eat)

Back to hotel. All were exhausted. no playing cards for that night. (exhausted or run out of money, i don't know..HAHAHAHA)

The next morning...again, Mr.P and I woke up early. This time, we ate at the hotel. Food was not good but still edible.

Last day, what would you do? Yes, buy foods..Kartika Sari, Prima Rasa, you named it. Near Prima Rasa Jl. Kemuning has newly opened gift store, there i bought my forever friend passport holder. Had to buy the yellow one since they have no other colors. Have pink one, but different material and oh so different price (-_-). Mine is about Rp 25,000 only.

Then Back to Paskal area coz they wanted to eat Mie Rica, but they are closed till October. We stopped by Blossom FO instead, there Mr.P bought me my piggy tissue container.

Visit Dago in the evening, I didn't feel too well and had to consume my last ammunition (tolak angin).

Then still had to have dinner at Pak Cimet, while in fact i'm still full coz i ate Mie Kocok while we were in Dago.

Then finally headed back to Jakarta at night. Traffic was quite okay. But i'm super tired.

Reached home at about 1 AM. Changed clothes, brushed teeth, washed face, off to sleep.. (z_Z)zzzz... woke up at 9.30 AM the next morning, i guess.. super tired. But it was quite a refreshing holiday.


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