Friday, September 18, 2009

Another fangirl not mind (-_-)

What exactly this guy did to me ??

Didn't even remember already what caused me to be so into this guy recently..
sorry Mr.P.. v(^o^)v
for adding another guy into my 'boyfriend' list..

Why most Asian great singers are all born with slanty eyes ??

oh well..They're Asian.. (-__-!q)
stupid me..

i wonder.. how does it feel if 1 day when i'm 10-20 years older and still remember that i have this blog and read these kind of posts that i once had a starcrush like this..might be very weird..hahaha

but at least i have lots of references of type of guys i like.. then when someday i got pregnant, i can reminisce these days..remembering all those guys in my self-proclaimed 'boyfriends' my future boy(s) will hopefully become just like one (ALL) of them..*OMG,sounds so weird..better stop here*

wait...what if it's a girl ?? (o_O!!)

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