Saturday, August 1, 2009

In love...


The Body Shop ~ White Musk Body Mist

On the searching of my new fragrance, after Issey Miyake Le Feu d'Issey is officially discontinued and nowhere to be found and after i tried Dior J'Adore but not in love with it, FINALLY i think i have found my new love.

It's Body Shop White Musk scent

I bought Body Mist instead of EDT because it's for 'trial'. It might be nice when you smell it on the spot, but you don't know what will happen after couple hours, some scents turned ugly-smelling and some just last for couple minutes

But this one PASSED the test. Even it's Body Mist, it last all day looonnnnggg....


Though this white musk smells different from my beloved Le Feu D'Issey (this one is unbeatable !! trust me, it's soooo goood. too bad it's discontinued !!!), but i still love it. I never know White Musk smells this nice.

Lemme finish this Body Mist and i will purchase the EDT

Oh, this is the Original White Musk one, not the Summer version..Summer version is blah.. (IMHO)

WANTED !!!!!



  1. gue lebih suka yang summer! dan kalo dipake lotionnya rada glittery gitu.. :D

  2. kayanya gue ga suka wewangian yg "summer"2 deh, cin..entah kenapa..rada2 terlalu menyengat buat gue..

    ini juga ada lotion yg buat bikin shimmer gitu..penasaraaaaannn...


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