Sunday, August 16, 2009

first aid..

to cure some of my bad mood..
is by watching this korean reality show called "We Got Married"

This show hooks up 2 korean celebrities, one male one female, to act as if they are really married.
One of the most fave episode is Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo episodes

Youtube Links for all episodes are

Kim Hyung Joong is one of the F4 member in Boys Before Flower (Yoon Ji Hoo) also a leader of singing group called SS501
Hwang Bo is also a singer

They play roles as an older wife and a little kid groom

Very funny..from the very first episode

KHJ is a genuine innocent guy really..
HB is also a woman with great personality..

I adore how they have constant jokes even if it's only a simple word but it then became something they can laugh about.

Thought it's only in the TV series that korean guy able to make a woman feel touched with silly-yet-meaningful act..but KHJ is a proof that kind of guy does exist..

no idea if korean reality show is also a scenario-ed show like we have here in Indonesia..regardless of the mission and all..but by watching it, i think it is a real reality show..

This is the first episode..

though i know if i finish watching this i will be back into the gloomy bad mood of mine, but at least i had a good laugh

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