Saturday, August 15, 2009

bad mood attacks....again

ready to hear me ranting ??

here u go..

problem is i do not even want to do things i like...i want to do something new !!!
and i'm tired in giving suggestions !!! i'm sick being asked !!! and it keeps repeating..

should i be the one who suggest what to do and where to go most of the time ?!?! because i'm the google girl meh? am i a freaking reference book of places to go or things to do?

but what can be done?? given the situation like this, something that sounds interesting and supposed to be easy seems so complicated and difficult to do. *getting tired*

always the same old things... sometimes i really hate movie theatres... like it's the best escape when we got nothing in mind what to do..well, it is not !! not anymore...

super bored...

even my dad's life is far more interesting than mine..

happy for him

but pity me...

do i really need to enroll in some kind of activities within my interest in order to have more interesting life?

new good friends perhaps
new nice places would be super nice

new.....ME ??

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