Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blonde Vs Baldie

After the Blonde Vs Plasticzilla (too bad posts were deleted already),
now we have

maybe it's not a proper thing to say it's amusing, since it's about bashing other people we don't even know.

But's's amusing...i can't say it's not..

Another sample of how we, as a person, should respect other people.

In this case, Baldie is just not lucky enough..he messed with the wrrrooonnnnnggg girl..


  1. dibaca atuuhh..

    itu antara singapore top blogger..xiaxue

    melawan lelaki antah berantah...

    seru lin...hahahahaha

  2. tuh orang super iseng bener, mo rambut orang ijo juga hak orang ye ! parah ... huehehehehe


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