Thursday, May 14, 2009

i'm low, when i'm low i'm emo, when i'm emo i'm nasty

Ga tau dah berapa kali gue bilang klo feeling gue buat taon ini kaga bagus.

Ga tau juga dah berapa kali gue bilang klo feeling gue itu seems to be true.

Problem over problem over problem

Satu lom selesai, ada lagi, ada lagi

And all those problems are not like "oh, it will be over soon"-problems
NO..!! BIG NO !!

If the famous saying : "What goes around comes around" really do take place and this what makes me and my family are facing with all these problems now, i just hope that someOne or something can at least give me a hint of what actually WENT AROUND that caused these kind of things CAME that maybe i can learn from mistakes ?!?!?!

Or is it otherwise..? that these are the TESTS that we have to go through because maybe we've been in the comfort zone all this time??

It's just funny when a lot of friends and relatives are having their bestest days this time round (getting married, baby born, etc), i'm standing here seeing a stack of rocks ready to fall down on me and i can't run.

It's even funnier that the people who actually OWN the problem dont seem to care..

Do they know how hard it is to see tears on a mother's face ?!?!?!
do they even fucking care ?!?!

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