Monday, April 20, 2009

What happened on Sunday

Started the day with not so good mood

Went to arthagading, arrived there with even worse mood
So bloody hot and hungry

Planned to eat HokBen, but the place was packed and the queue was long.
I didn't have so much patience to queue with that kind of grumpy mood (and hungry stomach)
So, changed plan. We eat ToreOre instead.
Mood's going better..

But then, Mr.P pointed something.....the table number.
Of all empty tables there, I myself chose to sit on table number 13 !!!
Okay, i tried to be not that superstitious. It's only number afterall

Then watch Race to Witch Mountain. mood's getting better and better

Walked around the mall...

only 5PM

didn't wanna go home yet, but we had no place to go already

Mood's getting bad again

ride on the bike...around Sunter area...there were these bunch of kids with bikes also..

I dont know why but i had this anxiety in me.
Asking myself why Mr.P drove the bike kinda slow
Felt like wanna ask him, why he drove slowly, and want him to speed up but i didn't

and why these kids also drove the bike kinda like following us, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind.
But i dont want to be negative

But the feeling was not right.

Suddenly, those scumps approaching and tried to grab my bag *WTF !!!!* (which i put in front of me, between Mr.P's back and me)
Glad that i always be cautious with my belongings, i always hold them tight.
But still kinda shock and i screamed "EEEEEYYYYYYY !!!!!"

They failed, ran away. (maybe irritated with my screaming or maybe not)
Left me in shock and made my mood went to the most bottom...

I wish i had chance to punch the kid or kick the bike..
But think of it again, i'm just glad we're okay and everything's fine. Not for my bag though, the strap is broken. But it's just a bag. I still have my belongings.

If those scumps succeeded...gosh, i can't imagine.
My Nokia E63 will only last less than a month
I will lost my wallet, IDs, ATM, credit card
I will lost my camera too

I didn't tell this to my parents
They already have so much to worry about
That's why i didn't give any details in FB, news between family spreads rapidly, if u know what i mean..



  1. oalah.. begitu toh ceritanya Na..
    untung ga sampe keambil ya..
    begimanapun, glad you're okay (and the bag too)

  2. aina gw turut prihatin yah... untung ga kenapa2 lu

  3. wah...untung banget ga sampe ke ambil, tapi tetep aja yaa shock & deg2an nya....parah jugaaa untung loe waspada na..

  4. phanie >> ho oh..begitu ceritanya..gue klo dah berasa setengah melayang, pasti bakal ada apa2.. (T__T)

    cin caberawit>> thanks ya..iya untung kaga napa2..dan kayanya itu anak nekad gitu karena ada kesempatan kali, bukan direncanain gitu..jadi bukan penjambret pro.

    pas aja liat ada tas gue..en ngejreng pula warnanya !
    jadi inget bang napi, kejahatan ada bukan karena disengaja, tapi karena ada kesempatan...waspadalah waspadalaahh

    cin urukyu >> ho oh shock...(T__T), abis itu, itu tas kupegang erat erat....sambil meratapi rante2 strap yg jatoh2an ke jalan...hiks..

    thanks for all your concerns, ladies ^^

  5. lo pake tas apaan Na?
    halah pertanyaan ga penting dalam situasi kaya begini ya hehe..

  6. si fanie bisa aja haha..kalo ud situasi kaya gitu, ud ga pentingin tas nya kalo tas bagus sayang juga ya..cuman masih bisa dbeli lah..selama dompet & isi nya masih selamat :D

  7. Thx God gpp na~
    Ade gw bulan lalu abis kejambretan jg pas naek motor ama cowonya huhuhu....
    Untungnya lu lebih waspada^^

    Mgkn dijakarta, klo pas naek motor penting kali ya masukin tas didalem jaket huhuhu......

  8. oh memang yang ngejreng2 itu menarik tangan2 jahil na... itu dulu gw punya SE z610 yg warna pink juga diembat maling gara2 gw ga bawa tas pas makan gw taruh di meja mkn gitu.. hiks

  9. phanie..IYAAA..gue bawa ninda pink gue...shoulder strapnya putyuss..untung masih ada long strapnya !!

    inge.. iya,, harusnya dimasukkin ke jaket, cuma tas kemaren ini mayan lebar, jadi ga bisa masuk ke jaket..

    kadang ada yg lebih parah, ada 2 motor, jadi 1 dari kiri, 1 dari kanan. Klo yg dari kiri mo ngambil ga dapet, trus kan kita spontan tarik tas ke kanan, eh yg di kanan ada lagi, habis lah..untung yg kemaren kaga kaya gitu (T___T)

    cin..ya intinya kudu waspada selalu dah...kaga boleh bengang bengong klo di jalan..


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