Monday, March 16, 2009


Intro :
Okay, so the plan of writing 1 post everyday definitely not accomplished..

since my life is not THAT interesting..and if i have to write a post every single day like what Owen Wilson do in Marley & Me when he's assigned as a columnist, i will be dead..or i will make you guys dead out of boredom

So, yeah, just get back to old ways, write if i have something to write, regardless if it's thoughtful or just rubbish non-sense's my blog anyway


So, i went to MTA yesterday, watch the Confession of a Shopaholic
I think it's a good movie by the fact that it is stress-releasing and made me laugh at several scenes.

Some people who read the novel said the movie is not that good

Luckily i didn't read the book so i don't have any expectation or whatsoever

One thing i know after i watched the movie is :
if people like Rebecca Bloomwood is categorized as a shopaholic (with the descriptions mentioned by herself in the movie), then i cannot be considered as shopaholic and i'm glad to know that.

You know, some people like to call themselves shopaholics while in fact they actually are not.
They like the title of shopaholic coz shopaholic means you're fashion-aware, you're up to date, you're current, you're stylish, you're gorgeous..and girls love that. okay, nothing wrong with that.

wanna do a simple quiz?

Rebecca Bloomwood owns 12 credit cards
i only have 1 and it's a supplement card (very limited credit)
what about you?

Rebecca Bloomwood talks to the mannequin (or vice versa)
i (luckily) never experienced that kind of thing
what about you?

Rebecca Bloomwood owns lots of branded things (Loubutins, Prada, YSL, etc)
i don't have any..i once said that the most expensive thing i ever buy (fashion-wise) is maybe a perfume costs IDR 600k. To buy bags or shoes or (even worse) clothes that costs IDR 300k, i think twice/thrice/more..
what about you?

Rebecca Bloomwood often buy things she doesnt need. She sometimes realized that she doesnt need it, but the urge to shop defeats her conciousness.
I did that couple of times before..i admit.., but i'm trying (hard) not to do that again. Now, even if it's on sale, i tried to be not laper mata. I do the same thing Rebecca did, ask myself "do i need this". And also try to always remember that this money i have now doesn't come easily and i have my future that needs to be financed well.
What about you?

Rebecca Bloomwood queued when there's a SALE and fight for the items she wanted to have
I never do that...maybe becoz we don't have that culture here in Jakarta..i never see people queue on a sale, really (unless queue at the cashier). The store is packed and became smelly, but never see a queue like LV store in Takashimaya, SG. Even if there's a queue, i don't think i want to hop in and join them, even though it's 70% all items with no conditions. Too much trouble to say bye2 to my $$$..that's sad
What about you?

Rebecca Bloomwood have no space left to store her stuffs and have hesitation to throw away any of her stuffs
I need more space to be honest, but i don't hesitate to throw away unwanted stuffs to give more space to those stuffs i still love
What about you?

Rebecca Bloomwood sometimes forget what she bought and a lot of stuffs with pricetag still hanging on 'em.
I do far. i cannot remember buying this lil black dress, but then if it's not me, who else? for clothes, i always cut the pricetag after i bought it, but for stuffs like skincare, lotion, sometimes the pricetags are still there. Just as comparison if i need to re-purchase, whether the price is still the same or not.
What about you?

If the answers of above questions make you feel more like Rebecca Bloomwood rather than me..
ou need to go find Shopaholic Anonymous group a.s.a.p

PS : i have feeling that green scarf will be a hot item.... *hmmm*


  1. one day i bought a milk lotion which is have a 'Serious price', and then i still keep the price label on that,

    my curious bf found it and he just simply removed the price label,

    he told me that
    "No need to show that this things is expensive"

    do u think my bf crazy or me???

    nice to know your blog

  2. lol..

    tergantung tujuan awal sih kenapa itu label dibiarinin

    klo buat sebagai reminder klo nih barang pricy dan klo pake kudu kira2 ya oke lah
    tapi klo emang buat mamer..ngapain..LoL..


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