Friday, March 27, 2009

i can be mama lauren for a second..

When we're about to hit the year of 2009, remember i once/twice said that i had feeling this year will be a bad year (for me)....if compared to pretty much enjoyable 2008.

*u cannot find the post since they're deleted before, remember? *sigh* *

telling ya now..i'm DAMN right...!!
and it's only March !! oh my goodness..

i know and i believe what happens in my life is a reflection of what's in my mind.
HECK, since when i have in mind that this kind of things will happen?
tried to put positive side on the bad feeling, convince myself like 'Nahh...this year is gonna be greeeaatt'
But feelings are feelings....cannot resist it..

i totally dislike this year even it's only March and i know that i don't know what will happen next. Maybe i will win lottery or a jackpot, but what the heaven, i can't befriended with this year already. From January to March, didnt have even a SINGLE thing/moment/whatever that made me (exceptionally) happy. All things happened were (are) BAD..

i wish i have the remote control like that one in Movie 'Click' where i can rewind back to the moment i was considered a little girl and keep rewinding back..

I don't like being a grown up


will be in hiatus..until further notice
i don't have the mood to blog, to work, to speak, to do almost anything

i even missed yesterday's American Idol... saks saks saks...

so much for trying to be positive thinking


  1. Semangat na~
    *postingan 365 nya jgn ampe stop dunk huhuhu*

    Semangat2x 0(^o^)o0(^o^)o

  2. aina....
    cepat kembali T_T
    jia you na!
    tenang aja ame idol kan bisa nonton online ^_^


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