Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Gwen, Baby Tiara, Baby Mawa and Baby Cosce

Please allow me to introduce you my new babies..born 2-3 days ago
and these babies surely lighted up my days

1. Baby Tiara
My ... *counting* ....5th Ciciero Bag

Tiara silver

Love it to the max !

2.Baby Gwen

Bought this at Calliope, MKG.
I spotted this cutie at MKG 3 store, they have 3 colors actually.
The green, the mustard yellow and the purple
While IN FACT i was looking for basic black or white shoes
I managed to walk away from them the first time...

But then..BANG...apparently they have another store in MKG1
and i spotted them again..same colors of course..
and it's on sale.. *temptation*

tried on the mustard yellow one first.....
then the green one..

couldn't make up my mind
then tried on the purple one...NAH..not an option

yellow or green or yellow or green...

final decision :

GREEN......i have green shoes instead of green scarf !!! YAY...

3. Baby Mawa (Magic Wand - Beautilicious)

Ordered this through Cindy
Haven't tried to use it yet..but it looks good and seems easy to use..

liquid eye liner but.... pencil way...

4. Baby Cosce (Coastal Scent)

*okay i admit i'm not good at giving name*

Ordered this through Cindy as well, together with the Beautylicious Magic Wand

Happy to finally have one pretty much complete palette..
Doesn't have to buy any single shadows or blushes for the time being

My babies are cute, aren't they? ^^

PS : Thanks for Inge and Phanie for encouraging me on previous post...*muacckkkzz*


  1. o-em-ji....
    what a great haul!!!!
    gue suka juga tuh calliope.. modelnya lucu-lucu, ga terlalu mahal, mayan enak lah dipake ^_^
    magic wand nya di ripiu ya Na..
    penasaran haha...

  2. ainaaa... itu palet yg trakhir harganya brp????? mupeng beraaaaatttsss

  3. phanie >> thank uu..
    yups, ntar coba diripiu dah si magic wand klo sempet..


    cindy >> klo ga salah inget 275ribu, cin

    coba diceki2 kesini :

    btw..diriku link ke blog-mu ya...

  4. monggo dilink.. duh ngeces gw liat pallete loe

  5. settttttt dah tu pallete... asli mata gw langsung melotot gede2x pengen nyolek dari layar hauhauhua........
    mantappppp *ngilerrrr*

    Nah gini dunk, posting2x biar pada ngga ngantuk dikantor hahaha...


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